WPC Energy announces the host for its 26th Congress in 2028 alongside transition from triennial to biennial Congress cycle

WPC Energy, a leading organisation within the global energy sector, is excited to announce that our flagship Congress, first held in London in 1933, will move to a biennial cycle, replacing the current triennial cycle. This strategic change will take effect after the 25th WPC Energy Congress which will be held in Riyadh, KSA, from 26 – 30 April 2026.

The decision to shift to a biennial cycle stems from our commitment to more closely track developments affecting the rapidly evolving energy landscape, such as advancements in technologies, fluctuations in demand and supply, changes to pricing and regulatory frameworks, geopolitical tensions and of course progress towards transitioning to a low carbon energy model.  Hosting the WPC Energy Congress every two years will also increase opportunities for networking, collaboration, and community building amongst our membership comprising 60 National Committees as well as our global industry peers.

26th WPC Energy Congress

We are pleased to announce that, for the first time in its 90 year history, the 26th WPC Energy Congress will take place in Astana, Kazakhstan in 2028.

Jambulat Sarsenov, WPC Energy Vice President and Member of the Executive Committee:

“This will be the first international energy event of such magnitude to be held in Kazakhstan and we are delighted to be awarded this honour, having previously competed to host the Congress in 2014 and 2019 respectively. Kazakhstan is blessed with significant energy reserves which make us a major player in the global energy market and we are proud to take a leading role in international collaboration within the sector through trade and professional associations as well as UN accredited agencies and other organisations. We are fully committed to delivering a successful 26th WPC Energy Congress and to providing a rewarding and exceptional experience for all its participants.”

Pedro Miras, President of WPC Energy:

“We are thrilled that our 26th Congress will take place in Astana. Kazakhstan's energy sector plays a pivotal role in the Central Asia region and is also influential in shaping the global energy sector.  This Congress will succeed a successful Congress in North America (Calgary 2023) and the 25th Congress in the Middle East (Riyadh 2026).

We eagerly look forward to the insights and innovations that will emerge from this event and are delighted that it will be held in such a vibrant and beautiful country.”

Additional Notes

Founded in 1933, WPC Energy is a non-advocacy, non-political organisation with charitable status in the UK and has accreditation as a Non-Governmental Organisation from the United Nations. WPC Energy facilitates an open dialogue around all energies and their products and is dedicated to the promotion of their sustainable management for the benefit of all.

The WPC Energy Congress, with a typical attendance of over 15,000 from more than 100 countries, provides a neutral and inclusive platform to debate and define realistic, workable paths to a net zero future. The event brings together thought leaders from across the global energy industry including Heads of State, Ministers, CEO's, Presidents & Heads of International Organisations, as well as engineers, academics and the NGO community. The Congress is held on a not for profit basis and all funds raised are dedicated to legacy projects designed to create lasting positive impacts on communities or causes.

For more details, please contact:

Sarah Beattie, Project Manager, WPC Energy at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.