WPC and BCG Collaborate on Promoting Women in the Oil and Gas Industry

The World Petroleum Council (WPC) and The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) are working together to create a global report, "Promoting Women: A strategic approach to Gender Equality in Oil & Gas".  The report will be presented in 2017 at the 22nd WPC in Istanbul.

The work is intended to become the reference report for the industry. With the participation of WPC members, we will define a baseline and key metrics of women's representation at all levels in the oil and gas workforce. In addition, interviews and a global survey with male and female industry leaders will capture the opinions and thoughts on what has worked well so far in closing the gender gap and what more needs to happen to create gender equality. The aim is to compile quantitative data, analyse learnings of successful initiatives within the sector and gain insight from female executives and trailblazers promoting women in the oil and gas industry.

We believe that achieving gender equality is a key strategy for overcoming shortages in skilled labour, improving companies' performance, and doing a better job of managing digital disruptions. We are excited at the combination of the global outreach of WPC and the analytics of BCG, as well as the passion and experience that the two organisations share on this critical topic.

The benchmark report will be updated and published every three years and will enable stakeholders to track the progress against the 2016 baseline. The results and recommendations will be presented in 2017 at a high-profile roundtable before the global industry leadership at the 22nd World Petroleum Congress in Istanbul.

About the World Petroleum Council

The World Petroleum Council was established in 1933 and provides a forum for discussion of the issues facing the oil and gas industry worldwide.  It is a non-advocacy, non-political organisation, dedicated to the application of scientific advances in the oil and gas industries, technology transfer and the sustainable use of the world’s petroleum resources for the benefit of all. The WPC is registered as a charity in the UK. It’s seventy member countries represent 96% of the world’s oil and gas production and consumption.

The triennial World Petroleum Congress is the oil and gas industry’s largest and most prestigious international event. Known as “the Olympics of the oil and gas sector”, the 22nd World Petroleum Congress will be held in Istanbul, Turkey from 9-13 July 2017. www.22wpc.com

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