World Petroleum Council launches 'Journey of the Drop' with ITN Productions

The World Petroleum Council Launches 'Journey of the Drop', A News-Style Programme with ITN Productions


In a unique communications partnership, the World Petroleum Council (WPC) and ITN Productions have launched a news and current affairs-style programme.

'Journey of the Drop' looks at the state of play in the oil and gas industry today as well as the innovative solutions that will create a bright future for operations and their stakeholders.  These range from developments in oil field technologies on oil fields to social licence to operate.  The programme uses animation to explain the origins and manifold uses of oil, and features a special report from the WPC Workshop in Belgrade, looking at the role of oil and gas in the future energy mix.

'Journey of the Drop' premiered on October 26, 2016 at the WPC Future Leaders Forum in Rio de Jainero.  Presented by UK national newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky, the programme features key industry interviews and news-style reports, along with sponsored editorial profiles of some of the leading organisations in the sector.

The industry is regularly faced with geological and geo-political challenges, as well as pricing and business volatility.  WPC wants to ensure that, across the globe, all stakeholders involved in oil and gas across the value chain are working together to find innovative solutions to these issues.  As a high-tech industry it strives to attract the next generation of leaders and equip them with the skills to build a sustainable future for all.  During his interview with Natasha Kaplinsky included in the Programme, Dr Pierce Riemer, Director General of the WPC, explains how the oil and gas industry is providing new and different opportunities across the globe for the 21st century.

A total of 12 sponsored news-style reports feature in 'Journey of the Drop', championing innovation and forward thinking sustainable solutions:

  • Aberdeen City Region - Leading from the front
  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch - The growt of Green Bonds
  • Javelin Global Commodities - Global energy needs
  • GlassPoint Solar - Can solar projects operate within oilfields?
  • Limpet Technology - Maintaining off-shore structures
  • Oil Spill Response Limited - Being prepared
  • Petroleum Development Oman - Commitment to safety
  • Royal Dutch Shell - Solutions to social impact of air pollution
  • Royal Dutch Shell - Alternatives to high carbon fuel
  • RPS Energy - Support for diverse energy portfolios
  • Semplastics - Repurposing coal in an environmentally-friendly way
  • Sproule - Support for national petroleum sectors

Dr Pierce Riemer, Director General, World Petroleum Council, said: "This ongoing project with ITN is an excellent way to demonstrate to the world the commitment of the industry in providing a sustainable energy future for all".

Simon Shelley, Head of Industry News, ITN Productions, said "ITN has throroughly enjoyed partnering with the WPC, to examine the way in which we meet the global demand for energy, and explore the complex issues across oil and gas.  We hope that the key organisations and people dedicated to shaping the future of oil and gas will use this to engage with, as we continue to bring positive and progressive stories from the sector to life.

'Journey of the Drop' is now available at the World Petroleum Council's YouTube site click here and on their website