Turkey launches 22nd WPC in Istanbul



The WPC Turkish National Committee hosted the Turkey launch of 22nd World Petroleum Congress.   The Congress, under the sponsorship of Turkish Petroleum, will be held from 09 June to 13 June 2017 at CNR EXPO with 20.000 participants, 5.000 decision-makers, and 50 ministers from over 100 countries.   It ıs the first time that the triennial World Petroleum Congress, the oil and gas industry’s largest international event, will be held in Turkey. Under the theme of “Bridges to Our Energy Future”, the Congress will also stress Turkey’s unique place in global energy policies and the importance of Turkey’s energy corridor and terminal role.   Mr. Besim Şişman, the President of the Turkish National Committee and CEO of Turkish Petroleum, presented the plans for WPC 2017. He explained that “Hosted by Turkish Petroleum, the 22nd WPC ıs goıng to be an important platform for discussion of issues concerning long-term global energy policies. Working together paves the way for sustainable growth in a world where the need for global energy is continuously increasing. The decisions that will be made in Istanbul will be a turning point for our global energy future.”

“The Congress will not only address the technical aspects of oil and gas, but also economic and political implications. We must take action now to secure cleaner, reliable and affordable energy for the next generations and to make energy available for all in an uncertain world. This is clearly reflected in the theme for the congress, ‘Bridges to Our Energy Future’. I believe that the contribution to global energy cooperation, the debate with all key stakeholders and the networking with industry leaders and global leaders will make 22nd WPC unforgettable.” said Mr. Şişman.   The President of World Petroleum Council, Dr. Jozsef Toth, said that “I am delighted that the Congress has received an excellent, national champion in Turkish Petroleum. WPC members represent over 95% of the world’s oil and gas consumption and production and cover all five continents.”

The President announced that a highly relevant programme has been created for the Congress and that the international committee has already selected nearly 100 leading global experts to chair and moderate the event. 

“The Call for papers for 22nd World Petroleum Congress will open in January 2016.” said President Toth and added, “We invite all to contribute their knowledge and expertise at this important platform.” “I look forward to seeing everyone at the Congress and I am sure that our team will be able to deliver a world-class event.” concluded Mr. Şişman.