ISC appointed as Official Publisher for the 2015 WPC Yearbook “Leading the Industry”

The World Petroleum Council has appointed the London-based publisher International Systems & Communications (ISC) to produce the Yearbook for the World Petroleum Council in 2015.  Based around the theme of “Leading the Industry” a series of high-level articles will showcase industry leadership in technical innovation, responsible operations, global cooperation and sustainability.

Providing a valuable source of industry information for the 70 member countries of the World Petroleum Council and other stakeholders in the oil and gas sector, it will be launched at the WPC Leadership Conference in Tromsø, Norway in May 2015.

"We are pleased to appoint the ISC to publish our Yearbook for 2015. With their track record in producing high-level publications for organisations including the International Gas Union, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, the Gulf Cooperation Council and many others we are confident that they can deliver a quality year book on “Leading the Industry” for all our members and the industry at large", said Dr. Pierce Riemer, Director General of the World Petroleum Council.

“We are honoured to be appointed by WPC as the official publisher of the 2015 World Petroleum Council Yearbook “Leading the Industry”. ISC has a long and successful history of collaborating with the WPC, not least on the current Education Series and their 75th Anniversary publication. We look forward to continuing our work with the WPC and the oil and gas community worldwide at this very important time for the industry” said Robert Miskin, Publications Director, ISC Ltd.