How to Join the WPC

Benefits of joining WPC Energy 

The most significant benefit of joining the WPC Energy and Congress is to participate in the leading global institution representing the international and domestic energy industries and to have an equal voice and vote in its deliberations and decisions. National Committees get:

  • opportunities to host meetings of the Executive Committee, task forces, committees, specialised events and the Congress;
  • discounts on Congress fees and copies of the WPC publications;
  • a complimentary stand at the World Petroleum Exhibition and the opportunity to host a Ministerial Session at the Congress;
  • regular information on WPC activities, task forces, meetings and briefings;
  • networking with other National Committees, directly and through the Secretariat;
  • the right to propose programme officers and presenters for congresses;

Setting up a National Committee

Any country recognised by the UN is eligible for membership with the WPC Energy.

The first step of formally applying for membership of WPC Energy is the establishment of a National Committee incorporating a group of individuals and organisations representing the range of oil and gas interests operating within the country. The National Committee needs to be sponsored by an appropriate organisation, such as an institute of petroleum or a similar professional or scientific body. In some countries the sponsoring organisation can be the state oil company, or petroleum or other relevant ministry department. A National Committee should represent a spectrum of petroleum interests: major oil companies, whether privately or state owned; small independent oil companies; government departments dealing with the regulation of the oil industry; universities, or other training and research institutes; professional and trade associations; service industries; consumer organisations. The National Committee must have a chairman and a secretary, an operating base for easy communication with the WPC Headquarters, and funding to cover its own secretariat expenses, attendance at meetings, congresses and the payment of annual dues. It is assumed that before a prospective country goes to the trouble of setting up a National Committee the WPC Secretariat and senior WPC officers have already assessed the suitability of that country for potential membership.

Submitting credentials and a letter of intent

The National Committee, once established, should seek official recognition from the Executive Committee of the WPC. This is achieved by submitting its credentials, together with a letter declaring an intention to join, to the Director General who, after checking the credentials, will circulate the details to members of the Executive Committee. The information required is:

  • details of the sponsoring organisation;
  • the names, contact details (addresses, telephone, fax and email) and affiliations of the Chairman, Secretary and members of the National Committee.

The Director General will present the details of the application to the Executive Committee and providing there are no objections the application for membership is sent to the Council. The application should be sent to the Director General at least six months before the next Council meeting at which the application will be considered; such meetings take place once a year and during a Congress or a Regional Meeting. The Constitution of the WPC also provides for the election of a new member by postal vote (one vote per member-country). By this means the time taken to process the application can be reduced.

Meeting the commitments

Once the Council has approved an application, the National Committee must complete the formalities for membership within six months. This involves:

  • payment of annual dues;
  • Notification of the names of up to three Council representatives.

The National Committee then undertakes to:

  • co-ordinate its activities with those of the WPC and act as a channel of communication between the WPC and its country;
  • keep the headquarters secretariat informed of any changes in its representatives or officers;
  • pay its dues regularly and promptly.

A National Committee automatically loses its membership if it fails to pay its dues for two years in succession, or is not represented at two successive meetings of the Council. Most National Committees of the WPC meet at least once a year and all keep in regular touch with the headquarters organisation. National Committees vary greatly in size and structure, so there are no set procedures - each Committee organises its activities in the way that suits it best.

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