Congress Programme Committee

Every three years the Council elects the Congress Programme Committee (CPC) for the next Congress cycle. National Committees can nominate senior experts from their countries and the Council selects the best candidates, leaving the WPC Energy Vice President for the Programme and Chair of the CPC to appoint additional members to provide a good balance of expertise, gender and geography. The Council decided to elect all nominations so the CPC members for the 25th World Petroleum Congress cycle are:

CPC Chair (2023 - 2026)
Mr James McFarland - Canada

CPC Members (2023 - 2026)
Dr Liu Yuzhang - China
Mr Bulat Zakirov - Kazakhstan
Prof Frank Behrendt - Germany
Mr James Nii Boye Quaye - Ghana
Mr Csaba Zsoter - Hungary
Mr Uichiro Yoshimura - Japan
Mr Khaled Al Deyain - Kuwait
Dr Sulieman Al Hinai - Oman
Dr Pandele Neculae - Romania
Dr Alexander Nekipelov - Russia
Mr Goran Stojilkovic - Serbia
Mr Kutluhan Olcay - Turkey
Dr Abhishek Deshpande - UK
Mr David Curtiss - USA
(CPC Host Representative) - Saudi Arabia
(CPC Liaison) - Saudi Arabia
(WPC YP Committee Chair) Shamus Hardie - Canada