2011 WPC Excellence Awards

WPCEA for Social Responsibility – Winners

Small to medium sized companies: Woodside – Ngala: Nurturing the Pilbara

Large Companies & NOCs: Exxon Mobil Corporation - NightWatch Campaign to Fight Malaria

WPCEA for Technological Development – Winners

Small to medium sized companies: Qatar Petrochemical Company (QAPCO) - Recovering waste hydrocarbon streams

Large Companies & NOCs: Exxon Mobil - Remote Reservoir Resistivity Mapping (R3M)  

WPC Excellence Awards for Youth

With many excellent submissions received by young authors, the World Petroleum Council decided to acknowledge the importance of youth to the energy industry by rewarding the best young presenters of the Congress. The 20th World Petroleum Congress Organizing Committee chose the best abstracts submitted by young people under 35 from all papers and posters in the Congress Forums.

WINNER: Anup Roy - India

Yasmine Abu Hijleh - UAE

Youcef Mahboub – Algeria

Norbert Miskolczi - Hungary

The 2011 Finalists were :

WPCEA for Social Responsibility
(Finalists listed alphabetically by company)

Small to medium sized companies

  • Hunt Oil Company of Peru L.L.C. - Hunt Global Partnerships
  • Qatar Petrochemical Company (QAPCO) - Helping to Build the Modern State of Qatar Through Active Community Involvement and Quality Qatarization
  • Woodside – Ngala: Nurturing the Pilbara

Large Companies & NOCs

  • Chevron Africa and Latin America Exploration and Production - The Angola Partnership Initiative (API)
  • Exxon Mobil Corporation - NightWatch Campaign to Fight Malaria
  • Statoil Canada Ltd. – Local Opportunity Centre

WPCEA for Technological Development
(Finalists listed alphabetically by company)

Small to medium sized companies

  • INOVx Solutions, Inc. - Asset Virtualization Solution for Collaborative Asset Management
  • Maris International Ltd – CCS (Continuous Circulation System)
  • Qatar Petrochemical Company (QAPCO) - Recovering waste hydrocarbon streams

Large Companies & NOCs

  • Exxon Mobil Remote Reservoir Resistivity Mapping (R3M)
  • Siemens Nederland N.V. – STC-ECO Design and experience - The world's first API-Class, canned, sealless compressor
  • Shell Global Solutions International Taking openwater wireline to greater depth

For 2011 the judges were:

  • Dr Nabeel Al Salem, Deputy Director, Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF)
  • Robert Cox, Technical Director, IPIECA
  • César González Neumann, Executive Secretary ARPEL
  • Jim Shaw, Manager Community Relations, CCS Corporation, Canada
  • Donna Shepherd, Director, Creating Communities Australia (CCA), Australia
  • Michael Engell-Jensen, Executive Director, OGP
  • Torstein Indrebø, Secretary General, International Gas Union
  • Martin Maeso, Technical Director, Energy Institute, UK
  • Elena Nekhaev, Director, Resources and Technologies, WEC
  • Prof Anatoly Zolotukhin, Vice Chancellor, Gubkin University of Oil and Gas, Russia