WPC Energy: Leaving a Legacy


The intention of organising the WPC Energy Congress is not only to promote a sustainable energy future but to leave a positive effect on the local community of the host country and a long lasting legacy for its environment.

WPC Energy carries out its responsibilities via the permanent secretariat and its working committees. One of the principles of organising the WPC Energy Congress is not only to organise a world class event and then move on to the next venue, but to enrich the local host community and to leave an enduring legacy.

The surplus of each event is designed to go towards funding the seeds of a country legacy project proposed by the Host and agreed with WPC Energy and the Council.

WPC Energy Legacy Fund

In addition to the legacy projects established in the Congress host countries, WPC Energy set up a central WPC Energy Legacy Fund to spread the benefits beyond the organising countries, through carefully selected projects around the world.

The WPC Energy Legacy Fund previously supported a 'Local Development through Vocational Training' programme based in Pakistan at the Amantech Institute.

The Fund covered the cost of studies, travel and living for 20 students for a 2 year period - 10 students per year.

The aim of the programme was to build the capacity of local youth in vocational skills and help generate employment opportunities for local communities.

Legacy Project Students
Aman Students